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Marine Debris

From the smallest bits of plastic, car batteries and appliances, to enormous fishing nets, “stuff” from our daily lives makes its way to the ocean by the ton every day. As Earth’s growing population consumes more disposable goods, the items we discard, even thousands of miles inland, are choking our ocean planet. Join us in the battle against marine debris and Dive Against Debris. Your local actions contribute to a clean, healthy future for the ocean.  

Pervasive debris kills wildlife, destroys habitats, and threatens our health and economy. Found in even the most remote ocean places, once underwater, debris can remain for generations.

The good news is marine debris is preventable. Coordinated strategies are needed at local, national, regional and international levels to prevent, reduce and manage solid waste. Together, we can stop marine debris by taking local action and supporting policy change.

Here’s how: it starts with underwater data. We need information that describes the underwater perspective to the problem and documents underwater impacts of marine debris to support policy change. Scuba divers are often the first to see devastating impacts of debris underwater so we are in a unique position to take action.

The Dive Against Debris data you collect and report will inform, persuade and empower policy makers and other stakeholders to establish and improve integrated solid waste management practices. Practices where we reduce, reuse, and recycle our way to an ocean free of marine debris.

Our combined work in collecting, using, and sharing data can play a critical, deciding role in marine debris abatement efforts at all levels. Our data will support the development of coordinated policies and strategies , like the Honolulu Commitment and the ongoing work on the Honolulu Strategy - a global framework to prevent, reduce and manage marine debris – that will be at the forefront of AWARE’s policy work for years to come.

Debris Month of Action

It’s cleanup on steroids. Project AWARE’s Marine Debris Month of Action this September is the perfect time to kick off AWARE’s new year-round Dive Against Debris program.  

Dive Against Debris combines underwater cleanups with critical data collection that helps address marine debris problems at their source. The data we collect will present a compelling 360-degree view of debris issues and will help initiate policy change to prevent debris in the future.

This September, turn an annual cleanup dive into a more effective and powerful Dive Against Debris.

Join a Dive Against Debris

Looking to join a Dive Against Debris? It's easy. This button takes you to the Action Map where you can find out if there's a Dive Against Debris happening in your area.

Or, if you want to dive with a buddy or small group of friends, review the Dive Against Debris Self Study Guide to get started. It provides all the info you need to successfully complete your data and debris collection.

Thank you for taking part in the Debris Month of Action!


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